Mercedes Pedrazzini, better known as Marina Marini, was born in Locarno in the Canton of Ticino on March 24th 1913. She moved to Milan when still very young where she started working in the field of fashion. She liked to define this period in her life as "adventurous and stunning" as she was able to meet many famous and interesting personalities from the world of sport and art.

She met Marino Marini in 1938, marrying him only a few months later, and from then on shared his existence by devoting herself utterly to him and his work.

Their relationship was always very intense, harmonious, full of experiences, encounters and interesting trips to Europe and America together with long stays at La Germanaia, their house in Forte dei Marmi, where Marino worked on his monumental sculpture.

Marina always tried to satisfy Marino’s restless and sensitive spirit, they had many difficult times together, especially the war years, and joyfully shared his international awards, the success of the great exhibitions and the honours that were bestowed on him.

After Marino’s death in 1980, Mrs. Marini continued to dedicate all her energy to his memory and thus ensure that his art and his name would never be forgotten.

She organised exhibitions all over the world; she created the Marino Marini Foundation in 1983, set up to ensure the preservation, the protection and the valorisation of Marino's works and artistic heritage.

In 1988 she made it possible to set up the Marino Marini Museum of San Pancrazio in Florence after donating the consistent number of works that are now on display there.

Marina on her wedding day at Locarno (Switzerland) in 1938

The Foundation was given its permanent home in the prestigious complex of the former Convent of Tau in Pistoia in 1990. It thus becoming an absolute reference point for the figure of the artist, together with the Marino Marini Centre of Documentation, created in 1979 with the first works and documents that Marino himself had donated to the city.

Mrs. Marini decided to come and live in Pistoia in October 2000 in order to emphasise this link with the city and was awarded honorary citizenship the following year.

These operations were her way of always staying close to Marino.
Marina left us on April 20th 2008 and, at her express wish, was buried alongside Marino in Pistoia.